Sponsorship Management

  • Both internally and externally, sponsorships provide you with an excellent opportunity to:
    • Create, modify or reinforce your brand equity
    • Highlight the product, service or brand benefits
    • Motivate employees
    • Increase sales
    • Enhance customer loyalty
    • Build and strengthen networks
  • We help you carefully select sponsorship opportunities and make sure you obtain an attractive return on your investment, especially in terms of visibility.
  • Following an analysis of the sponsorship based on key factors (target audience, strategic objectives, etc.), we pull out all the stops to ensure that the sponsorship increases your brand equity and generates an optimal ROI.

Try it, you’ll like it!

We recommended that our client, who had just launched a new line of products, participate in a high-profile, popular family event by creating a unique, informative and interactive attraction.

Given the heavy traffic at the event, the strategy consisted of designing and building an interactive centre with a special theme where product samples would be handed out. We also organized special on-site activities for suppliers, partners, employees and major clients.

This dynamic approach rapidly bore fruit: tens of thousands of visitors tasted the product, which translated into a rapid rise in the brand’s visibility and product sales.

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