Crisis Management

  • The severity of a crisis depends on its ability to do long-term damage to a company or brand’s identity or image. Sometimes a crisis can threaten a company’s very existence, often without management being fully aware of its magnitude and potential consequences.
  • Effective crisis management involves a number of key elements: in-depth analysis, sound judgment, an understanding of available methods, quick decisions and action, transparency and honesty.
  • To help your management team and employees act and react in a way that resolves the crisis as quickly as possible (and ideally creates a stronger and more credible image in the process), our first objective is to help them anticipate and prevent crises by implementing realistic, flexible and effective solutions.
  • When a crisis is sudden or unavoidable, we provide you with experienced, on-site professionals who are trained to handle the pressure and react quickly. These consultants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the situation is completely resolved.
  • If required, we establish a crisis centre to ensure a consistent and effective approach, handle relationships with key stakeholders, especially the media, and analyze the results in order to make any necessary strategic or tactical adjustments.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity

When launching a new line of products, our client was threatened with guerrilla tactics by a competitor. These would have seriously hampered introducing these products into the distribution network, and thus their overall market success.

We developed and implemented an aggressive and proactive strategy that enabled us to:

  • Alert the media and general public to the irreparable damage that our client would likely suffer due to the competitor’s actions.
  • Rapidly increase the brand’s visibility.
  • Generate sympathy for our client’s situation.
  • Facilitate a rapid out-of-court settlement.

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