Event Management

  • As is true for many things, there are no second chances for making a good impression in event management. As a general rule, an event is either successful or not, and the impression it makes usually lasts a very long time.
  • Organizing or participating in an event provides an effective venue for building or enhancing awareness of your company and its products, services or brand(s).
  • The event must be strategically aligned with your objectives and carefully planned and managed. Above all, it must help you build awareness and stand out from the competition.
  • We begin by helping you accurately assess the benefits of holding a special event. We then work with you to identify clear objectives and develop innovative concepts. Finally, we help coordinate the various partners involved and all related logistics, while ensuring the event generates the desired benefits and impact.

Fighting the February blues

One of our clients decided to launch a new product in a market where the competition was already extremely fierce.

To ensure our client stood out from the competition, we helped implement an extensive sampling and public relations campaign in six cities in Québec and five cities in Ontario.

Our strategy consisted of fighting the February blues by setting up colourful and interactive “happenings” on busy city sidewalks, while providing consumers with the opportunity to sample the product.

This initiative attracted the attention of the media, in particular traffic and weather reporters, who spoke enthusiastically about the product and the promotion’s originality.

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