Influencer Partnership

When developing a communications strategy, it’s important to think about content creators, bloggers and influencers. They can act as genuine ambassadors who help spread your brand’s message.

More specifically, we can:
• Oversee your campaign, including planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation
• Identify which influencers are best suited to your goals
• Manage the partnership agreements
• Coordinate social media posts across the selected platforms
• Produce creative product drop campaigns and ensure they are securely delivered
• Monitor impacts of visibility and write a detailed report

Our client enlisted us to plan and implement an influencer marketing strategy to roll out a brand new spirit on the Québec market. After evaluating the client’s needs and resources, we launched a large-scale product seeding campaign, complete with information and colourful visuals in simple, innovative packaging. Nearly 100 influencers in total had the opportunity to discover this new spirit and its many facets and share it with their followers.

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