Issue Management

  • An issue generally presents a company with both threats and opportunities.
  • We equip you to effectively manage issues by helping identify potential problems so that you can then address their underlying causes and prevent situations from degenerating into outright crises.
  • We help analyze your situation, including its numerous facets (economic, technological, competitive, social and political) and related trends. Based on the results of this analysis, we work with you to define a global vision and specific objectives and develop and implement an integrated strategy.

Prevention is the best cure

A renowned educational institution was set to begin construction on a new building that would require demolishing a building several decades past its heyday that had fallen into a state of severe disrepair.

Per our recommendations, our client created a committee, with our assistance, to develop a preventive strategy aimed at proactively managing this issue.

As a result, specific efforts were made to inform the appropriate public authorities and to gather certain key artifacts and incorporate them into the new building as a tribute to the previous building.

We were able to prevent public debate over the building’s heritage and demolition. The necessary permits were secured and the new building was completed.

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