Promotion or Repositioning

  • Before launching, positioning or repositioning a product, service or brand, you have to make sure that it possesses the appeal and credibility needed to secure consumer interest and support.
  • To achieve this, we help you present your unique selling points (USPs) as well as the distinctive features, qualities and benefits of your products, services or brands.
  • A positioning statement is not etched in stone. It evolves with the times and trends that influence consumer interests, needs, expectations and demands. This explains our focus on developing strategies that are not only creative, but also flexible and readily adapted to changing realities.

Launching a cult brand in Québec

An American company that had developed a veritable cult following in the U.S. was seeking to launch its brand in Québec. With awareness of the brand in Québec hovering at less than 4% before the company’s arrival, we opted for a strategy offering just the right mix of corporate communications and marketing communications.

Bottom line, we needed to create a buzz around the brand that would grow exponentially as more and more people spread the word about the brand and the imminent opening of the first store in Québec.

  • First, we helped the company preserve its tradition of handing out free product samples in select, high-traffic locations.
  • Second, we strategically distributed products to key stakeholders and media representatives.
  • Third, we conducted targeted media relations in order to raise the company’s profile among business people and the general public.
  • Finally, intensive media relations allowed us to build buzz, generate substantial media coverage, quickly create general public interest, and, as a result, ensure incredible traffic as soon as the first store opened its doors.
  • Barely five months following the announcement of the company’s imminent arrival in Québec, brand awareness rose to 31%—an increase of 775%.

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