Public Affairs

  • The decisions of governments, government agencies, municipalities and lobby groups can have a significant direct or indirect impact on your company.
  • Efforts to influence the key processes and stakeholders serve to prevent certain decisions and actions, as well as limit or mitigate their impact.
  • We work with you to develop a proactive strategy that incorporates a detailed analysis and ongoing monitoring of all relevant issues in your business sector, as well as an inventory of all events that could influence these issues. If needed, we implement one or more initiatives targeting the key stakeholders, including, if necessary, creating strategic alliances.
    • Writing, producing and presenting documents and in-depth information kits
    • Preparing for meetings, public hearings, parliamentary committees, city council meetings, etc.
    • Government relations

It pays to communicate!

A leading aseptic food packaging company sought to correct the negative and false perception that its packaging was not recyclable, a misconception that had resulted in municipalities refusing to include the company’s products in their green/blue-box recycling programs.

In order to rapidly reverse the situation and promote a positive company image, we launched an awareness and information campaign that involve key players in the collection and recycling industries, major stakeholders and government agency representatives.

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