Spokeperson Training

  • It is often said that perception IS reality when, it is actually only ONE of many realities. In today’s day and age where brand image reigns supreme, the media plays a decisive role in creating perceptions that shape public opinion. The media is readily and rapidly transformed into judge and jury.
  • A company should never take the risks associated with pushing one of its spokespeople into the spotlight and subjecting them to the media’s unforgiving glare if that person is not adequately equipped to present or defend the company’s stance.
  • We help train your spokespeople to ensure they understand the media’s role as well as the fundamental guidelines for preparing and delivering clear, coherent and, above all, concise messages.
  • In other words, we do what it takes to make sure your spokespeople have mastered both the issues to be discussed as well as the ways to discuss them!

The messenger is definitely the message!

  • Whether it involves good news or an event that could devolve into a crisis (workplace accident, plant closing, confrontations with lobby groups, etc.), companies are increasingly required to respond to media queries.
  • We provided several of our clients who faced this unavoidable reality with training based on the following principle: since the messenger is as important as, if not more important than, the message, the company spokespeople must be credible, effective and convincing.
  • We can provide training for a single spokesperson or a small group of executives who may be called on to act in different situations.
  • These rules and techniques are communicated during a training session that includes actual media representatives, held at our offices or at the Institut Format, a pioneer and leader in this field.
  • We also organize training sessions for larger groups of executives, such as when our clients have franchises or are deployed to outlying regions.

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