Strategic Consulting

  • Like all other management responsibilities (sales, accounting, customer service, human resources, etc.), communications must be integrated into your company’s decision-making process on a permanent and ongoing basis.
  • Our clients need sound, savvy advice. We collaborate closely with them and follow a rigorous approach that involves thoroughly analyzing the situation, identifying all relevant issues and developing recommendations based on objectives, strategies and tactics.
  • In other words, our strategic consulting services help you achieve your visibility objectives, as well as prevent or quickly and permanently solve any problems.

Avoid getting wrapped up in controversy!

After a media leak revealed that a 100-year-old company was going to update its popular packaging, a major newspaper published a very negative article that incited criticism from a number of customers.

To prevent the situation from getting out of hand and turning into a real crisis, we recommended that our client rapidly organize an information session for media representatives and influential stakeholders in the fashion industry.

A member of the company’s senior management team delivered clear and precise explanations to justify the change, which led the public to appreciate the new packaging. By quickly jumping into action to counter the initial negative criticism from the media outlet, we were able to prevent widespread backlash.

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