Customized Training

For some, public relations can seem abstract. We are regularly called upon by different organizations to create tailored organizational trainings that break down the world of communications into simple terms, including explaining from the stakes involved and the media... Read more

Spokeperson Training

It is often said that perception IS reality when, it is actually only ONE of many realities. In today’s day and age where brand image reigns supreme, the media plays a decisive role in creating perceptions that shape public opinion. The media is readily and rapidly... Read more

Media Relations – Traditional Media and Social Media

Dealing with print, digital and social media requires a solid knowledge base and an understanding of the inner workings of the industry and journalists’ methods and habits. In addition to having an acute sense of what is newsworthy (i.e., the knowledge and instincts... Read more

Public Affairs

The decisions of governments, government agencies, municipalities and lobby groups can have a significant direct or indirect impact on your company. Efforts to influence the key processes and stakeholders serve to prevent certain decisions and actions, as well as... Read more

Crisis Management

The severity of a crisis depends on its ability to do long-term damage to a company or brand’s identity or image. Sometimes a crisis can threaten a company’s very existence, often without management being fully aware of its magnitude and potential consequences.... Read more