Influencer Partnership

When developing a communications strategy, it’s important to think about content creators, bloggers and influencers. They can act as genuine ambassadors who help spread your brand’s message. More specifically, we can: • Oversee your campaign, including planning,... Read more

Strategic Consulting

Like all other management responsibilities (sales, accounting, customer service, human resources, etc.), communications must be integrated into your company’s decision-making process on a permanent and ongoing basis. Our clients need sound, savvy advice. We... Read more

Sponsorship Management

Both internally and externally, sponsorships provide you with an excellent opportunity to: Create, modify or reinforce your brand equity Highlight the product, service or brand benefits Motivate employees Increase sales Enhance customer loyalty Build and strengthen... Read more

Event Management

As is true for many things, there are no second chances for making a good impression in event management. As a general rule, an event is either successful or not, and the impression it makes usually lasts a very long time. Organizing or participating in an event... Read more

Promotion or Repositioning

Before launching, positioning or repositioning a product, service or brand, you have to make sure that it possesses the appeal and credibility needed to secure consumer interest and support. To achieve this, we help you present your unique selling points (USPs) as... Read more